March 12, 2017

About Us

Biker’s Index is the melting pot of bikers all around the world. We are the number one online destination for professional bikers, hobbyist bikers, and even beginner novice bikers who are looking for like-minded groups of people to share thoughts with. People come here to look for bikes or parts or something to wear on race day. They end up staying and meeting nice people who also seek the same things as they are. This meeting of minds is achieved through one common interest-the love for biking.

This site started out as a hobbyist blog, who wished to share his experience when he began riding bikes, not necessarily as a profession, but more like life’s passion. There are many benefits in riding a bike. You get the exercise and total body workout your body needs to stay active. You get the best cardio workout that gets your heart pumping blood all throughout your body at a healthy rate. This in turn, improves your breathing and helps boost stamina for long runs.

Another benefit of riding is your total body workout which exercises every muscle group in your body. Regular biking is equivalent to going to the gym everyday. The only difference is that you get to enjoy the company of your fellow bikers, you get to enjoy fresh air and nice sceneries along the way.

Before long, more and more people gathered to this site, and that’s when the owner decided to turn it into a full time website that caters to people with a keen interest in biking. we seek to continue inspiring others to join our group and live a healthier lifestyle. This is one positive outlook we cannot dare to overlook as we go about our day-to-day activities. Hurray for Biker’s Index! Hurray for all bikers world wide!